Lands Out of Time

Spiders... I hate Spiders...
And the birth of the Phalanx tactic.

With a fire in their bellies, the party set out with about 30 men to the Sacred Grove to clear out the pack of Swift Death that had taken up residence.

The journey took just over a day’s trek, and it was largely unremarkable with one small exception. While the ninja was on watch, the sleeping party was ambushed by 4 very large arachnids. A fierce battle ensued, and resulted in the sleeping form of the princess nearly succumbing to their fierce fangs. Only the brave efforts in combat and first aid by the rest of the party prevented her from death. She was, however, gravely wounded.

For some reason, the shaman decided to break from the tradition of letting the dying earn their final reward – and undertook the Ritual to drive out the spirits of blood. Both the ninja and the princess were largely restored, and the party was able to continue to the Grove.

Upon arriving, they scouted the outside of the Sacred Grove (which appeared very different than the surrounding terrain) and discovered the main entrances and exits used by the raptors. Setting up a blockade at one, and the entire contingent of men at the other, the ninja went into the grove itself to explore. However, his wounds must have taken the edge off of his considerable skill, and he betrayed his position to the dinosaurs. Fleeing back to the group, the dinosaurs fell upon their formation like water on stone.

While a few men were still lost to the ferocity of the raptor’s claws and fangs, the battle went almost entirely in the party’s favor. Facing no further immediate threat, they steeled themselves to enter, and face the queen, her princes, and the remaining raptors within the ring of dense foliage.

Session 2

Over the course of 15 days or so, the party had accumulated some useful skills and the means to communicate more clearly with each other and the indigenous people. A great surplus of meat (thanks to a dead allosaur, and a diminished number of fighting men) gave the people of the tribe more opportunity to teach and be taught by the strange group.
Each of them had pet projects underway, and were beginning to adjust to the life and times around them. They had officially met the chief, Eats-What-He-Kills; the shaman, Speaks-With-All; and the head warrior, Throws-Well; and had at least civil relationships with each of them.
The tribe felt as though the newcomers were not only very useful, but also quite helpful – their advanced knowledge and skills had made them invaluable to the tribe. And so they offered a Rite of Entry (a modified “coming of age” ritual) to the party.
Through the course of several conversations, they learned of the chief’s dilemma: As an offshoot of the greater Flat Back village further to the southwest, they had met with trouble – what started as a bold move to grow the tribe through division was quickly turning into an uphill battle against rising odds. In the lands away from the village, dinosaurs were larger and more aggresive, and the tribe was not prepared for the much greater challenge. The tribe seemed to be struggling, and the shaman had given no word from the spirits.
However, a particularly inspirational conversation had an interesting effect – the shaman announced to the tribe that the spirits had spoken: They were unhappy with a group of dinosaurs that had taken up residence in a sacred area – and they demanded that the area be restored…

Session 1
New Visitors

When they woke up, the party had very little time to contemplate the issue of the giant metal spheres or the accompanying green glow; primarily due to the massive reeking heap of dung that the 5 of them were precisely arranged around.
They had not yet fully processed their surroundings when the sound of a moan issued from the pile, and it began to move – Out came a primitive-looking fellow, looking like crap (sorry).

Each of them took some time to carefully gauge the intent of the others, and before too long found that several of them shared a language, though both the ninja and the caveman were largely excluded from any conversation.

They decided to make their way north, having little else to go on but the keen directional senses of two of their members.

Before very long, pressing through the fern forest, they came to a cliff face that overlooked much of this strange land, and saw that there seemed to be signs of “civilization” far off in the distance. They decided to make their way in that direction.

When they were still quite a way off, they saw a gigantic lizard attacking a settlement, with the inhabitants fighting for their lives against the beast. They rushed forward to intervene.

Several gunshots (and several terrified people) later, the beast was dead. The village was saved.

The caveman seemed to know the inhabitants of this village, and spoke to them, gesturing often to the recent arrivals to this strange world – whatever he said, he seemed to convince them that the visitors were friendly, and they accepted the party warmly (if cautiously).


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