Lands Out of Time

Session 2

Over the course of 15 days or so, the party had accumulated some useful skills and the means to communicate more clearly with each other and the indigenous people. A great surplus of meat (thanks to a dead allosaur, and a diminished number of fighting men) gave the people of the tribe more opportunity to teach and be taught by the strange group.
Each of them had pet projects underway, and were beginning to adjust to the life and times around them. They had officially met the chief, Eats-What-He-Kills; the shaman, Speaks-With-All; and the head warrior, Throws-Well; and had at least civil relationships with each of them.
The tribe felt as though the newcomers were not only very useful, but also quite helpful – their advanced knowledge and skills had made them invaluable to the tribe. And so they offered a Rite of Entry (a modified “coming of age” ritual) to the party.
Through the course of several conversations, they learned of the chief’s dilemma: As an offshoot of the greater Flat Back village further to the southwest, they had met with trouble – what started as a bold move to grow the tribe through division was quickly turning into an uphill battle against rising odds. In the lands away from the village, dinosaurs were larger and more aggresive, and the tribe was not prepared for the much greater challenge. The tribe seemed to be struggling, and the shaman had given no word from the spirits.
However, a particularly inspirational conversation had an interesting effect – the shaman announced to the tribe that the spirits had spoken: They were unhappy with a group of dinosaurs that had taken up residence in a sacred area – and they demanded that the area be restored…


Over the days I spent with the tribe I spent time in the jungle learning the hers and spices of the land, I spent my days testing the different herbs for what could be both lethal and non-lethal. The time I spent not in the forest I spent in the village learning from the villagers. I also spent time with Alexandra learning a bit of their language so I can communicate with them.

After days spent with nothing exceptionally out of the ordinary the villagers asked us to participate in a right of passage. The right of passage consisted of the shaman blowing a white powder in to your face with tribal signs painted on your skin. After he blew the powder in my face the tribal signals burned hot, and the fire grew ten feet tall!

The night after while I was sleeping a mutant millipede starting gnawing on my leg! As I woke I dre my sword but it had been full of slime probably from the millipede which resulted in me losing my grip. As I stood up he tried again to bite my leg but this time I was awake and managed to dodge his bite. Since my sword was covered in slime I drew my neko-de and attacked him. But since his shell was so hard my neko-de bounced right off its back! He then bit my elf once more before shrinking to palm size. I’m still trying to figure out what happened and what shrieked the dangerous beast, If it was a person I would like to thank them.

Meanwhile the village has been in limbo about whether to head back to the camp or not, and while I was in combat with the millipede the spirits spoke with their shaman and told him that the spirits are not pleased. To please the spirits we must cleanse a grove of raptors that have made their home and do not allow to spirits of the flat backs to dwell in the sacred grove. We have decided to make our way to the grove and please the spirits. In the morning we head out…

Session 2

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