Nikolay Kazakov

Russian scientist with a brilliant mind. Some might see him as insane.


ST – 9 HP – 10
DX – 9 Will – 12
IQ – 12 Per – 14
HT – 10 FP – 10


Born in the city of Yaroslavl, located northeast of Moscow, I was raised by my parents until I was 17 years old. In the summer of 1937, my brother Vojtech and I were taken from our home. At the time we were unsure of why this was happening. Who were these people? Where were we going? What were they going to do to Mama and Papa? We were orphaned and subsequently separated.
It wasn’t until 6 years later that I had found out about what had happened to my parents. Those men that had taken us; those men that had torn our family apart were the NKVD, Stalin’s secret police. Apparently my papa had been tried for anti-Stalinism. Upon additional research, I had found that he had been doing studies and tests in time travel. He had hoped to go back and stop World War I, stop Russia from being seen as the “Red Menace”. Apparently Stalin wasn’t a fan of that idea and decided to stop all research and tests in this field.
Today is November 23, 1952. I have come a long way from the lost and lonely child I was those many years ago. I still have no idea what has become of Vojtech, but I have devoted my time and any resources I have to pushing forward in the field my father had attempted to uncover. Maybe, if I can succeed where he had been stopped, I can go back and prevent those men from destroying our family; maybe, I can prevent Stalin from ever coming into power; maybe…

Nikolay Kazakov

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