Lands Out of Time

Session 1

New Visitors

When they woke up, the party had very little time to contemplate the issue of the giant metal spheres or the accompanying green glow; primarily due to the massive reeking heap of dung that the 5 of them were precisely arranged around.
They had not yet fully processed their surroundings when the sound of a moan issued from the pile, and it began to move – Out came a primitive-looking fellow, looking like crap (sorry).

Each of them took some time to carefully gauge the intent of the others, and before too long found that several of them shared a language, though both the ninja and the caveman were largely excluded from any conversation.

They decided to make their way north, having little else to go on but the keen directional senses of two of their members.

Before very long, pressing through the fern forest, they came to a cliff face that overlooked much of this strange land, and saw that there seemed to be signs of “civilization” far off in the distance. They decided to make their way in that direction.

When they were still quite a way off, they saw a gigantic lizard attacking a settlement, with the inhabitants fighting for their lives against the beast. They rushed forward to intervene.

Several gunshots (and several terrified people) later, the beast was dead. The village was saved.

The caveman seemed to know the inhabitants of this village, and spoke to them, gesturing often to the recent arrivals to this strange world – whatever he said, he seemed to convince them that the visitors were friendly, and they accepted the party warmly (if cautiously).


I’m still not entirely sure what has happened. I had just made my mark and i closed in for the kill and right as I sunk my knife into the section between his vertebrates just as I had been taught when suddenly I wasn’t there anymore.

I stood up and looked around and all I saw was 4 men and a woman speaking an odd language. So I did what I had been taught; take to the trees. From there I quickly scanned the area for useful herbs and I watched to see if any of these strange people had weapons. Oddly enough only one of them even had a small knife! They started to move in a direction that appeared chosen at random. I quickly decided that if they harmless they would be no reason not accompany them.
We soon arrived at a giant cliff, I looked over the edge and figured I might be able to make it without any equipment or help but that it wasn’t worth the risk. While looking over the cliff I see one of the strange men making noises and pointing into the distance, after a few moments I realize what he is pointing at; smoke rising in the distance. This must be our goal. The descent of the cliff was painfully slow but one of the bigger men used equipment to help everyone descend safely.

Once at the bottom we started to move towards the rising smoke in the distance. As we got closer the trees started to disappear and we were very soon in an open field that only had tall grass. I haven’t recognized any herbs along this entire way which frankly is starting to make me wonder where exactly I am. I saw less and less herbs as we moved further into the field and closer to what I could now see is a village of sorts. As we got closer I could also what appeared to be a dragon standing on two feet, but he had no wings oddly enough.He was attacking the village! Dragons are calm beings, he must be attacking them because they stole his wings. I tried to help these great warriors, they must have been great to take a dragons wings! As we ran closer I suddenly was too afraid to move. I froze. How could I have froze? I have been taught to have no fear! I must be slipping, I need to find a new master to teach me. But that is something for another time, for now I slowly move forward towards to dragon and there are sounds like fireworks! Why would they shoot off fireworks in the middle of a battle? After two more firework sounds the dragon just stopped and fell over, I think the sounds must have something to do with dragon stopping.

We closed in the rest of the distance to the village and I examined the wingless dragon, but oddly enough it seemed like the dragon never had wings. What kind of dragon was this? There are no tales of wingless dragons. No matter what the beast defeating it is no small feat. The group I travelled with is giving the praise to a man with only a small knife and two weird looking pieces of metal. Either way I think the group refers to me as russell? Whatever that word means. I assume it would mean “sūpā subarashī hito.”

Session 1

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