Lands Out of Time

Spiders... I hate Spiders...

And the birth of the Phalanx tactic.

With a fire in their bellies, the party set out with about 30 men to the Sacred Grove to clear out the pack of Swift Death that had taken up residence.

The journey took just over a day’s trek, and it was largely unremarkable with one small exception. While the ninja was on watch, the sleeping party was ambushed by 4 very large arachnids. A fierce battle ensued, and resulted in the sleeping form of the princess nearly succumbing to their fierce fangs. Only the brave efforts in combat and first aid by the rest of the party prevented her from death. She was, however, gravely wounded.

For some reason, the shaman decided to break from the tradition of letting the dying earn their final reward – and undertook the Ritual to drive out the spirits of blood. Both the ninja and the princess were largely restored, and the party was able to continue to the Grove.

Upon arriving, they scouted the outside of the Sacred Grove (which appeared very different than the surrounding terrain) and discovered the main entrances and exits used by the raptors. Setting up a blockade at one, and the entire contingent of men at the other, the ninja went into the grove itself to explore. However, his wounds must have taken the edge off of his considerable skill, and he betrayed his position to the dinosaurs. Fleeing back to the group, the dinosaurs fell upon their formation like water on stone.

While a few men were still lost to the ferocity of the raptor’s claws and fangs, the battle went almost entirely in the party’s favor. Facing no further immediate threat, they steeled themselves to enter, and face the queen, her princes, and the remaining raptors within the ring of dense foliage.


We started off and everything was going well until one night while I was on shift. I was on watch when suddenly there were spiders scurrying towards us, I had to wake the others. I yelled as loud as I could while kicking vojtech to wake him up. During the battle the caveman continued to sleep to everyone’s bewilderment, even after being bitten by spiders! The battle lasted for a short amount of time but during this time there were many injuries. Including Alexandra the lady, she was even knocked unconscious after being poisoned by multiple spider bites. The battle insured many other injuries and other issues. The injuries, including my own, where healed by the villages shaman. The rest of the injuries were healed by the groups combined first aid kits and skills.

In the morning we set out to find the sacred grove, after a day of travel we are able to see a large terrace with a very large green bush all around the outside of it. As we move closer we are able to notice that there at paths leading in and out of the bush that are often used by the raptors. After what took longer than it should have I communicated that I was going to try and set a trap on what appeared to be the main path and get a look inside. My injuries slowed me down while doing this and I mistakingly alerted the raptors. (I’ll need to train more and fix that) after alerting a raptor I ran back towards all the caveman who where waiting with spears drawn and shields at the ready. During the chase I got scraped (I think I may be losing my edge) after being scraped I managed to get behind the line of cavemen and as I turn around all I see is the raptor dead with multiple holes in him. After taking down the first raptor everyone was feeling confident enough in our strategy to try and pull out a few more raptors.

We proceeded to move the dead body closer towards the inside of the bush while Alexandra starting making raptor calls. Eventually we were able to see raptors moving towards us inside, but we were ready this time. The raptors ran straight into our wall of spears and shields, including spears that had been jammed into the ground. The spears in the ground broke after the first couple raptors hit them. Gruk was in the middle of the front line with his odd curved spear. It appears to be intentionally curved but I can’t seem to find an advantage of it. Back to the battle, the lumberjack took out one raptor very effectively with his axe that he still surprises me with how well he handles an axe of that size. While the raptors are charging at us, I use my short bow to assist the caveman by shooting sedative arrows from behind their shields.

After the raptors fell we began to survey the raptors that stayed with what appears to be their queen who is staying at their nest. We start to decide on a battle plan when the raptors that are inside attack us while raptors come from behind. The cavemen turn around as we stand and face the queen and her bodyguards……

Spiders... I hate Spiders...

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